Release Hidden Girls trailer MX

The highly-anticipated trailer for the “Hidden Girls” project is here, offering a captivating preview of a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to bring hope, healing, and empowerment to individuals affected by trauma in the Netherlands and Mexico.

Unlocking the healing power of movement
“Hidden Girls” is an innovative project developed by the Move Forward Foundation, dedicated to promoting the Trauma Relief Movement Program. This unique program utilizes the healing power of dance and sports as a means to support individuals on their journey to recovery.

A glimpse into transformation
The newly released trailer provides a sneak peek into the world of “Hidden Girls.” With poignant imagery, heartfelt interviews, and inspiring moments, it showcases the real impact that the Trauma Relief Movement Program has on the lives of participants. From children to adults, the program aims to make a difference in the recovery process.

Bridge between continents
One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is its international scope. The “Trauma Relief Movement Program’s” success in the Netherlands is now being extended to Mexico, emphasizing the universality of healing through movement.

Promoting awareness and empowerment
“Hidden Girls” is more than just a documentary; it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of movement. The trailer invites viewers to explore the heartwarming stories of the program’s participants, discover the profound effect on their lives, and get a taste of the upcoming full documentary.

Join the movement
The release of the trailer marks an exciting step in the journey of “Hidden Girls.” It’s an invitation to join the movement, support the Trauma Relief Movement Program, and be part of a growing community committed to healing through the power of movement.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events as “Hidden Girls” continues to touch lives and bring about positive change. To watch the trailer and learn more about the project or sign up for our newsletter.